About Snobby French Coffee Brand

We’ve never been to France.  And candidly, one of our founders would have to get clearance from his parole officer to travel outside the state.  But we don’t have to have been to France to know that the French are the global experts on all of the best stuff in life.  Even French words are fancier than American ones.  It sounds so much more sophisticated to say “café” rather than “cough-fee” - not to mention other fancy french words like “je ne se quois”, “femme fatale”,and “threesome.”  That’s why when we set out to create the fanciest, most sophisticated, most pretentiousest, most snobbiest brand of coffee in the world, we chose to put the word French in the brand name without any further justification.  What makes our coffee snobby you ask?  According to the SFFCD (Société of Free French Coffee Drinkers), what makes coffee snobby or not is about the drinker and not the coffee. If you and your friends feel like Napoleon and his generals having a coffee on the veranda discussing the planned conquests for the weekend, then Voila!  - you are having a snobby coffee.  And it doesn't hurt if that coffee is from a freshly roasted batch of your favorite beans from around le globe.